Extra Terrestrial Perception

Walking outside one night, bright lights appear overhead. You wake aboard an alien ship. Use your resourcefulness, along with newfound psychic powers to overcome the enemies and obstacles that stand in the way of escape.

  •         *Telekinesis - Move objects and enemies.
  •         *Electrokinesis - Burn everything! Mess with electronics.
  •         *Mind Control - Step into your enemies shoes. Use their weapons against them.
  •         *Tool building - Scrap what you have and find spare parts to build new tools and augment your powers.
  •         *Electromagnet - Steal enemy weapons. Manipulate metal and electronics.
  •         *Grappling Hook - Pull things to you. Pull you to places :)
  •         *Fan - Blast anything and everything out of your way.

This is a short action/adventure game. Fight, solve puzzles, and explore as you make your way to freedom.
ETP Screen Shot ETP Screen Shot ETP Screen Shot

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